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Bitcoin Ticker (Google Chrome Extension)

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Bitcoin course is on the jump as any other currency. Price plunge or soaring leap up – this is what we always have to know on time. Thus Mining-Profit has elaborated a convenient tool, which helps to be on the know of the last changes of the bitcoin price.

If you plug in our extension, using the Chrome browser, the last (and not the least) bitcoin information will be always at your disposal. Besides, the easy converter, set into the extension will save much of your time.


After the installation of extension, you will find helpful the following tools:

Information icon of extension.

Even if you don’t click on the extension icon you will always see the last bitcoin price in USD. The icon shows the current price and its relation to the Today Open value (up and down).

The main block (converter).

An easy and handy BTC/USD converter. This instrument (module) was created by You will get to know more about it here.

The main block (graphic).

Informative graphic whereby you could estimate as the last currency movement as well look over an older history version. You will only have to use the buttons of interval switching. The present tool (module) is created by You will get to know more about it here.

The main block (the current information).

Current information reflection about the bitcoin currency status in a more detailed format:

All the extension information is staying relevant despite the launch time.

Enjoy using it!