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Where and How to spend Bitcoin?

As part of the bitcoin system, those who own bitcoin keep their holdings in a software folder known as a bitcoin wallet.

This bitcoin wallet keeps an up-to-date record of the block chain and provides a secure digital location for storing bitcoin. You can store your bitcoin wallet on your own hard drive, or you can utilize one of the online services that provide bitcoin-wallet hosting. As always, do your homework before entrusting your bitcoins to an exchange or a wallet-hosting service.

When you are ready

When you are ready to make a purchase with bitcoin, you simply move your bitcoin to the wallet of the seller.

If the seller does not accept bitcoin payments directly, there are services that provide bitcoin-based gift cards. Gift cards can be purchased in any amounts, and they can be used to convert bitcoin to USD based the current value of bitcoin.

For up-tod-date information the value of bitcoin, you can check the price chart at A quick web search can tell you if the retilaer of your choice accepts bitcoin, though it is worth checking back often, as more and more retailers are accepting bitcoin every day.

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